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Cedarvale Recovery Efforts and an Invitation to join House Fireviper

Posted by Gailin on 11/23/17
WithIn the months following the siege of Arx by the accursed Silence, the county of Cedar Vale counted itself among the victims of tribal violence. The Gray Wardens of House Stonewood, I was able to drive back this incursion and return peace to that wondrous valley. The campaign was not without loss, however, and the county stood in ruin with it's ruling house almost completely wiped out. Taking our name from a local predator, the new House Fireviper was established by my brother's word with myself as Count. The work had really only just begun.
    With the help of Lord Samael Bisland, my brother and his wife Marquis Malesh and Marquessa Ariel Stonewood, The Silver Consortium, as well as countless others, a monumental effort to rebuild was begun. Caravan after caravan, protected from bandits and further tribal attack by the blood and steel of Lord Tobias Telmar and his Crimson Blades, flooded the county. This constant parade of goods allowed our farms to be replanted and our homes rebuilt. Despite a re-christening by fire The Cinder, county seat of Cedar Vale, stands stronger than before, ever ready to defend and provide for the people.
    Despite our combined reconstruction achievements in the face of such adversity, no amount of coin or goods can replace the lives lost first to pillagers and economic ruin. With that in mind, as rebuilding efforts come to a close, I would like to extend an offer to all citizens of the compact, including those newly freed persons who may have no home to go to.
    If you pledge yourself to House Fireviper, transportation to and housing in the county of Cedar Vale shall be provided. There are mines, mills, farms, and herds that need able hands. Join us, grow with us, and make your new life in the beautiful mountain valley of Cedar Vale. There is much hard work to be done, but the rewards will be great, and we have the best hot springs in all of Arvum.
From my heart,
Count Gailin Fireviper.

--- Darkwater Stance ---
Darkwater knows the pain of rebuilding from devastation, and wishes gods' speed to the efforts of Fireviper.

--- Crimson Blades Stance ---
Seek out one of our checkpoints on Stonewood and Fireviper land routes, and you are guaranteed safe passage.

--- Solace Stance ---
Any wishing to travel to Cedar Vale to settle may apply to do so under the protection of the Knights of Solace.

--- Bisland Stance ---
Never let it be said that House Bisland does not stand by its vassals. We win glory.