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False Flags

Posted by Victus on 11/16/17
First of all, Thrax would like to extend its thanks to all those who participated in healing the disaster that has been brought upon Kennex's demense.

Onto grimmer things, smuggling and piracy continues to be on the raise throughout the sea with these support efforts used as an effective cover. In the interest of avoiding any incidents between organizations and their military - Thrax would like to ask those who provided ships to Stormward to do a headcount of their personnel, with intent to segregate who should and /shouldn't/ be in those waters. It is believed that criminals are hiding in all ranks, bearing Oathlands, Lycene and Thraxian banners as their disguise.

Any information, assistance, and inquiries can be sent to myself or one of my Voices while we deal with this situation.

-High Lord Victus Thrax
Prince of the Maelstrom