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House Velenosa Minister of Warfare

Posted by Eleyna on 11/03/17
With the threat of a multiple front war looming, House Velenosa requires a strong military leader to guide our troops in assisting our allies in the great fights ahead and to push back against the darkness. Given that Princess Deva Velenosa has left to pursue a calling elsewhere and our Archduke Widower Niccolo Velenosa is taking a much deserved rest after decades of service, House Velenosa now names Archduke Consort Talen Velenosa as its Minister of Warfare. With his formative tutelage in the area, his demonstration upon the battlefield and the inception and experience of leading the Mirrorguard, House Velenosa entrusts him to lead our armies.

Eleyna Velenosa,
Grand Duchess of the Lyceum
Archduchess of Lenosia