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An Attack on Prince Laric Grayson

Posted by Lark on 10/31/17
To the Compact,

Unknown agents infiltrated Prince Laric Grayson's Inquisitors this evening, setting about to attack the Master of Questions in the Graysons' own home. All lie dead, as befits anyone who raises a blade against this Compact, who would threaten the safety of our King and our family. The Inquisition will make the inquiries to determine the origin and motives of these would-be assassins, and House Grayson hopes that all will comply with any needed help.

If anyone knows something of this plot, House Grayson offers a reward of 250,000 silver for proof of their intentions and who sent them.

By my hand,
Crown Princess Lark Grayson
Princess of Bastion
High Lord of the Crownlands

--- Smiling Shadows Stance ---
Get well soon.

--- Observers Stance ---
We offer copious, substantial incentives in exchange of any important information regarding the attackers.

--- The Court Stance ---
May the King's justice be swift and decisive.