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Training for Freed Thralls

Posted by Hana on 10/31/17
I have no authority to speak on behalf of all Jayus' followers, but I can speak on behalf of myself: as a crafter, being able to support yourself is important; you need a trade, an income, to make sure things are stable for you and your family.

So I will be holding smithing lessons for any freed thralls who want to learn a trade. For the moment, I'll be using my own shop, the Storied Blade, to teach, but with Legate Orazio's kind permission there will soon be a workshop for /all/ followers of Jayus to use.

I invite any of my fellow Disciples of Jayus to do the same: to open your doors, to teach carpentry or tanning, tailoring or jewelrymaking to our new friends and neighbors joining us here who want to learn a new trade. We should be willing to teach anyone who wants to learn -- every crafter's work does that much more honor to Jayus -- but especially those in need, who are trying to make a new life.

Because Jayus is the god of hope as well.

Hana Grayhope
Disciple Leader, Disciples of Jayus