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An offer of mediation

Posted by Madeleine on 10/31/17
Beloved of Mangata,
It feels as if tempers and passions run high on this topic, of thralls and freedoms; both of which are traditional parts of culture and deeply ingrained in our lives. As such, I offer to mediate any debates or conflicts arising so we may find a suitable medium before it comes to Champions or worse. Let us have calm seas and steady sailing as the Compact faces external foes. Let us not destroy ourselves from within, which makes our enemies that much more powerful.
Also, we welcome the freed bondsmen with open arms into the service of Mangata as Thrax has ever shared our love for the Lady of Wind and Wave, and will assist with any who wish to captain their own vessels and return to the seas.

In Mangata's blesed name,
Archlector Madeleine

--- Valardin Stance ---
Someone please let the enthusiastic Archlector mediate for you! If you don't I will have to pick a fight with Victus for her to resolve!