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Restricted Access of Foreigners

Posted by Arcelia on 10/28/17
@emit Due to the unauthorized and excessive purchasing of invaluable assets within the Mourning Isles, Navegant hereby restricts foreign entities visiting Navegant's lands and the lands of its Vassals. Officials, traders, and visitors who have business within Navegant lands and waters will be monitored and all individuals going in and out of the land will willingly subject themselves and their personal belongings to thorough searches.

%Purchase of certain assets must of now be approved directly by the land's Count, Countess, Baron, Baroness, or Voices so that the well-being of our people and their economic and social well-being is being considered. These restrictions are to aid us in avoiding uprisings, riots and economic hardship along with the civil war and death that could swiftly arise as a result.

Navegant encourages anyone wishing to purchase these invaluable assets to speak with the fealty's House directly so that a well thoughtout plan can be formed that will not involve chaos among our citizens. Violation of these new laws will be seen as an attack on Navegant, their vassals, and citizens of their lands. Those acting within our lands contrary to this decree will be subject to arrest, trial, and punishment. Remember, visiting Navegant lands or waters or the lands or waters of its vassals means you subject to our laws.

Visiting Navegant lands or waters or the lands or waters of its vassals means you willingly subject yourself to our laws and customs and take responsibility for all punishments associated with violation of laws, rules, regulations, or customs. Additionally, people will be held to the spirit of these laws and loopholes that may exist within the words of this decree will not be tolerated and will be seen as an additional offense.

Arcelia Navegant
Countess of Escuma
Thrax Minister of Civil Welfare
Branch Manager of ARRG
Disciple of Jayus

--- Nox Stance ---
Sure but like, who wants to go there?

--- Faith of the Pantheon Stance ---
The Faith cannot help but wonder which 'invaluable assets' Navegant means.

--- De Lire Stance ---
Best of luck in finding the manpower to check every visitor!

--- Velenosa Stance ---

--- Inquisition Stance ---
The Inquisition respects Navegant's demesne, but calls for clarity about these 'invaluable assets'. Vague laws cannot be enforced justly.

--- Liberators Stance ---
The Liberators found merchants happy to legally sell their thralls, but support all efforts to reduce the commodification of human life.

--- Observers Stance ---
So now they will start sorting through our stuff when we have the King's Business to tend to?

--- Solace Stance ---
The Solace is deeply concerned as to the nature of these assets.