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The Liberators of Skald

Posted by Aleksei on 10/25/17
With the support and generosity of those who donated to the cause and participated in the Freedom art show charity auction, the Liberators of Skald have been able to begin their new ministry of offering aid and support to those returning to lives of liberty by securing the freedom of some five thousand thralls from across the Mourning Isles. While some have chosen to remain in different parishes of the Isles, and some have chosen to relocate to other areas of the Compact, a full four thousand souls have recognized the commitment to freedom displayed by House Deepwood and have chosen to start new lives in Old Oak.

I would like to personally thank those Liberators and other members of the Faith for their diligence and effort to make all of this possible: Liberator Mason, Liberator Saedrus, Liberator Samantha, Liberator Ferrando, and Seraph Ailith. I would also like to thank Master Fortunato Grayhope and our anonymous artist for their donations of such remarkable paintings to help fund the cause. And, of course, thank you to each and every person who donated silver in amounts both large and small. Every act of charity of any size is a blessed one.

This is just the beginning. The Faith will continue to assist any and all people returning to lives of freedom to offer the support and assistance they need to begin this new stage in their lives.

Until every chain is broken. Thank you.