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Riddle Me This

Posted by Blacktongue on 10/25/17
*Flyers just..appear about the city one morning, in the oddest of places too*

The Thirteenth approaches its eve most hallowed,
Snuff the sun, moon drenched - sanguine shadowed.

For the Eclipse's duration in my rooms you may amble,
But mind my penchant for a costly Lycene gamble.

At frivoty's center there encased for one to submit,
A turn of written prose, briars for the Fool's whetted wit.

Wager your riddles, I'll see to the wheat from the chaff,
But rest assured the Harlequin has the last laugh.

The Blacktongue, Harlequin
of House Velenosa
_) (

((ICly, Blacktongue's Funhouse will be kept on the Velenosa Grounds for the duration of the Eclipse of Mirrors. At its center will be a box for submission of riddles. Only one will win, but there is of course a carrot on a stick and prize for the sole victor. Those interested feel free to send it via messenger, but I ask for my own sanity that you back it up with an @mail. Happy Puzzling!))