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Curious about the Pantheon? Tell me more!

Posted by Orazio on 10/17/17
Faithful of Arvum, and newest Prodigal citizens:

The Faith of the Pantheon recognizes that we have an influx of new souls seeking shelter in the light and warmth of Gild as enemies close in. We also recognize that this has been a time of change and revelation for the Compact, with the rediscovery of the once Lost Gods, and restoration of the Fourth Law of Limerance. Although the Faith is working to incorporate these changes into the services held across the Compact, as well as the lessons taught to the children of the Compact, that still leaves many with questions. After consideration, it is determined that the Faith of the Pantheon shall develop a series of books to be held in the Archives of Vellichor, for the viewing of all, which shall answers some of the most popular questions people may have. To that end, the Faith asks anyone - Faithful, Prodigal, or worshiper of spirits - who has questions about the gods, the canon, or the practice of the Faith to come forward with those questions. Scholars at the Archive will collate the questions, and we shall publish tomes which address the most common ones.

In addition, the tomes created should be considered works of art. To that end, we issue a call for all book-binders, illuminators, calligraphers, and like artists - design your own literary devotion to the gods, a book of original content and beauty, and submit it to me. These books will go on display at the Archive of Vellichor, and the leaders of the Faith, including the Archlectors and Palace Seraph, will examine and vote on which they find most inspirational and appropriate to the devotion of the gods. The chosen artist shall receive a gift of 250,000 silver from the Faith, and the chance to design the final Primer Tomes.

Question submissions will be taken until ((OOC Insert IC date corresponding to 10/31 OOC here)), and original book design submissions will be accepted until ((same date)). Original books will be displayed in the Archives while the leaders of the Faith have an opportunity to examine them, and a winner will be announced once a deliberation is made.

By my hand and authority,
Father Orazio, Legate of Concepts, Shield of the Faith

(OOC: Google doc for asking questions here: If someone has already asked the question you're interested in, please put a (+1) beside it, so that we can see which questions are most frequently asked. Faith PCs will try to work with staff to get actual, canonical answers to these questions and put them down in a series of books that can be ICly accessed from the Archive.

For the book contest, an actual book object must be submitted - please put your name as the artists in the book's text. The book can focus on any god or the Pantheon as a whole. The books will be judged by beauty and effort (including icly using 'fancy' materials for binding, etc. as well as Clever Ascii Tricks), but most important criteria will be alignment with the canon of the Faith and awesome writing. So if you're not an Ascii artist, it doesn't rule you out as a winner! Books should be sent to me; I'll display them once the deadline for submissions is reached.)