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The Freedom Art Show and Thralldom

Posted by Aleksei on 09/19/17
The Liberators of Skald are proud to present the art show Freedom featuring work by Fortunato Grayhope and an anonymous contributor. The show will appear in the inner sanctum of the Shrine of the First Choice for a month, at which time the individual pieces will be auctioned.

Donations are currently being accepted, to which the auction proceeds will be contributed to, to support the Liberators of Skald in purchasing thrall debts and beginning a relocation and reintegration program that will become a core aspect of the Skald discipleship. Newly-freed citizens of the Compact will receive assistance from the Faith in relocating to any parish in the Compact, where they will be provided with temporary room and board and aid in securing work or apprenticeships with an aim to see every one of these citizens thriving and supporting themselves in their new lives.

Donations may be submitted to Blessed Aleksei Morgan or Prince Mason Grayson.

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