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House Magnotta of Caer Morien

Posted by Calypso on 09/16/17

House Malvici and House Grimhall have found common ground over the years. The way we fight, the way we conduct ourselves. Hard, stern and always with family and fealty first. That is why the joining of Melinda and Artorius comes to us so easily and so naturally. Recently, our two houses, along with help from many of our allies across the compact, set out to bring a cluster of islands in to the fold of the compact. The Cytro Arch. It is on this day, that I officially name Artorius and Melinda, Count and Countess Magnotta of Caer Morien, an new County under House Malvici. Long may they be our beacons in the south!

By My hand, Duchess General Calypso Malvici of Southport