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Darkwater Mission

Posted by Dagon on 09/09/17
Duke Dagon Tyde calls for volunteers to aid in a mission to collect water samples from the Darkwater Deeps. Positions listed include anyone with complete mastery of alchemy (to take the samples) or sailing (to captain the ship), along with any masters of weaponry. Due to the current conflict in the Darkwater Deeps, casualties are expected. This is not for the faint of heart. Please messenger all inquiries to Duke Dagon Tyde, along with your expertise and level of mastery.

(OOC: If I have time before the conflict resolution, I had planned to do this as a PRP. Otherwise, a crisis action will have to do. Either way it's expected to be a pretty difficult task, and failed rolls can cause maiming, and even (Apostate-approved) death. Do not join the PRP unless you are comfortable in being a part of a story where actions lead to consequences, and failure is a very real possibility. Please let me know OOCly via mail if you're interested and your character's abilities match one of the roles given above. If there is enough interest, I'll set a date and we'll go from there!)