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Valardin Birth Announcement

Posted by Alis on 09/02/17
Following longstanding tradition, a birth announccement written on fine paper in ornate calligraphy has been posted outside of the manor of residence; and another sent by the swiftest of messengers to Sanctum.

House Valardin welcomes the arrival of the newest addition to the royal family:

Princess Ellara Valardin has been born on this 19th day in the 2nd month of 1007 AR, to Princess Alis Valardin and Prince Fiachra Valardin.

As Witness, stands Prince Edain Valardin to see to the child's religious upbringing. And as Speaker for the child stands Lady Eirlys Greenmarch, to teach her of her ties to the Greenwood.

Princess Alis Valardin
Champion of the West
Prince Fiachra Valardin
Warden of the West