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Knighting of Dame Leola Allenatore

Posted by Calypso on 09/01/17
From this day forth, Miss Leola Allenatore will be known as Dame Leola Allenatore, Knight of House Malvici. Please join me in congratulating her on the well deserved honor.

Much to her chagrin and embarrassment, I'm sure, I would like to add to this proclamation the list of accomplishments she has made over her years in service of our house and the Compact as a whole. Dame Leola served us in the siege as the Paladin of Groves, a key member in our fight against Brand. Her commitment to the Gods, and especially Petrichor, has been expressed in countless ways. But to name a few, Dame Leola helped to heal and purify our withered forests after the siege, built the Lodge in His honor and service, cared for the entrapped animals and ensured their survival. She also took measures to see that the King was well protected in his illness, training dogs to keep watch over him as he slept. It is for all of this and so much more I am very proud to elevate hr to the status of Knight.

Duchess General Calypso Malvici of Southport