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Redrain & Thrax Marriage

Posted by Darren on 08/28/17
With the blessings of his Majesty, King Alaric Grayson IV, as well as our respective families of House Redrain and House Thrax, Princess Donella and I were married on the 7th day of the 2nd month in the year 1007. The intimate ceremony was held in Farhaven among our people, presided over by both a member of the Faith and the High Shaman of Redrain.

I am beyond pleased to welcome Princess Donella into my House and home as my wife, and to present her as Princess of Farhaven to you all now.

We will be hosting a reception in the near future to celebrate this joyous occasion with our families, friends and allies.

May the Gods and Spirits both bless this union. Until the last!

Prince Darren Redrain, High Lord of Redrain