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In Memory, In Strength

Posted by Victus on 08/18/17
The attack on Thrax's navy here in the city of Arx itself was nothing more than a tragedy. We are left with an untold number of lost souls taken before their time from this world. In the interests of laying those sailors to rest and ensuring their family from further grief, House Thrax hereby absolves all families of the lost that their debts to Thrax are absolved and will be repaid in full to those affected. It is the least of what can be done for them, but rest assured, I promise that every man, woman and child that shares the salt in their veins will be reimbursed and cared for. Rites to Mangata shall be performed with the aid of the Faithful so that the Goddess of the sea can welcome them with open arms.

To the Compact, every vassal that flies Thrax's banner and all men who call the sea their home - what has lurked in the Deeps for so long has struck not just against the Isles, but Arx itself. Any who would deny the threat it poses or believe it is only Thrax's problem to deal with, it came to your doorstep and you saw exactly what it has done to the Isle's people a hundred times over. I can only hope that this tragedy can allow it to be seen for the threat it truly poses to anyone who would assume otherwise, or that such myths are not to be taken seriously. Let the men that died within the safe harbors of Arx be your proof.

We have been knocked down before in the past. Every time we have come back stronger. That is exactly what we shall do again. The winds at our backs will return when we've sown the sails and plugged the holes. From the ashes, we learn, we grow, we'll have our day again.

Tears in our wake, never at our wake.

-High Lord Victus Thrax