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Founding of House Stormbreak

Posted by Turo on 07/27/17

To the Lords and Ladies of Tharx, it's vassals, and to the Compact of Arx,

    As of this day, it is my esteem and privilege to declare the recent successful campaign in the northern Mourning Isles after a joint effort between House Grimhall and House Navegant. After the island was claimed, it was anointed as an official vassal of Navegant, under the control and ownership of the newly founded House Stormbreak. The forming of this house will oversee and control those waters, it's success or failure dependent upon who takes up the reigns of leadership.

    During the time to take the island, I have seen the merit and strength to combined forces of Grimhall and Navegant, and I believe that added strength of House Stormbreak will only improve our hold on the northern section of the Mourning Isles. To keep them safe and prosporous from the enemies that continue to skirt ever constantly at the edges.

    After conversing with Duke Harlad Grimhall and High Lord Victus Thrax, the decision to name formerly Edward Redreef as Stormbreak's ruler was a strong and proper decision. In that vein, as my power as the Count of Escuma, I name him Baron Edward Stormbreak, with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities that are held along with it. I wish him ever good luck and good seas in his leading this house and taking care of holding that has been given to him. I foresee a long prosperous alliance. May Mangata bless him and his house.

Written by my hand,
Count Admiral Turo Navegant
Count of Escuma

"This far, and no farther."