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Tournament of Roses

Posted by Edain on 07/20/17
The seasons have turned and we have seen the world at it's darkest, and we bound together and fought it back. Our king has returned to us, and is again whole. There is much to celebrate, and so let's celebrate.

The Crown and the Voting members of the Assembly of Peers, wish to announce that we are hosting the Tournament of Roses, a great tourney with a storied history that many luminaries of the past have claimed a victory in. Including likes of Lord Commander Dayne Valardin, and even, famously, Archduke Niccolo Velenosa, who won the tourney, and with it the boon to marry the love of his life.

It is a tournament of Limerance, and of love. Love of your spouse, love of your family, love of your friends, love of your liege, love of your vassals, and even the love of combat are all celebrated by this tourney! There will be a Jousting Tourney, single elimination as is the tradition, which will culminate in the elite 8 facing off in the last few rounds in suitably grand spectacle. The day following the Jousting Final's will be the Grand Melee, two teams will be drawn at random and then everyone will clash and fight to the last warrior standing!

Another grand tradition of the Tournament of Roses are days of challenges. Challenges issued so that knights, lords, ladies, goodmen and goodwomen all can show their devotion and loyalty through examples of their great skills. Since I will be to busy officiating the tourney, and will not be able to joust, I will instead host my own day of challenges, and choose a day where I will joust all comers until no one else wishes to tilt with me, or I am to physically sore to pull myself back into my saddle.

Let us come together and celebrate all those things that we love about our homes and our Kingdom and about our King. If you are not competing don't forget to give your favor to your favorite fighter! For the Compact!