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Senior Inquisitor Narciso Artiglio

Posted by Niccolo on 06/16/17

The Master of Questions, Prince Laric Grayson has called for me to see Senior Inquisitor Narciso Artiglio interred in the Lycene Hall of Heroes. The Artiglio family has proved many times their loyalty to House Velenosa, and has served us and through us, the Compact with distinction in many ways. I've been informed of the bravery displayed by Inquisitor Narciso and the integral part he played in protecting His Majesty. The call by Prince Laric should not go answered, so therefore let it be known that I fully support honoring Inquisitor Narciso by giving him a place in the Hall of Heroes. His sacrifice to protect the Crown will not be forgotten.

Archduke Niccolo Velenosa
Grand Duke of the Lyceum