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The Inquisition and the Oathlands

Posted by Edain on 06/15/17
My feelings on the Inquisition have always been..... complex to put it lightly. However I have always fully believed in the intergrity of Prince Inquisitor Laric, and Inquistor Alistair. I have every faith that the institution will flousish and find it's way back to the light and it's mission that is integral to the health of the Compact.

That said last night's events have made it clear that corruption and the influence of Shreve's treason extends past his death, and the new Master of Questions and High Inquistor have a very long road ahead of them. To that end so that the Inqisition can focus on excising the corruptions from their ranks, effectively immediately, the Oathlands and the Ward of House Valardin are closed to operatives of the Inquisition. Any agents of the inquistion on assignment in the Oathlands have one month upon posting of this proclamation in our cities and keeps to return to Arx and submit themselves to the Master of Questions and the High Inquistor for vetting.

Upon Master of Questions, Prince Laric, and High Inqisitor Alistair verifying they have purged their insitution of traitors, the Inquisition can return to their assignments within the Oathlands and will enjoy the full support of the Valardin and our Vassals.

Edain Valardin
Prince of Sanctum