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Support for the Knights of Solace!

Posted by Edain on 05/26/17
I would like to offer my support for Grandmaster Armel Godsworn, and his call for bold knights to step forward and join the Knights of Solace. I offer this pledge in support of him and the order. If you have the heart of a knight, and the soul of a hero, do not let there be any barrier of entry to taking an oath to Defend our Roads and Travelers in the name of Gild.

Anyone that has petitioned Grandmaster Armel Godsworn to join the order, or current members of the order that just wish to increase their skills, I will offer training in the horsemanship, the lance and the sword, or even the survival skills that will aid you in your travels and patrols. Free of charge and regardless of your social status or background. Let us come together to see the Knights of Solace flourish.