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Join the Knights of Solace!

Posted by Armel on 05/26/17
Gild is known far and wide as not only a goddess of wealth and charity, but one of protection. The Knights of Solace are an ancient Order who have for a thousand years stood as a bulwark that keeps the roads of Arx safe. Grandmaster Armel is proud of the way the Knights stood firm during the siege but the losses have been great and continue to mount in these dark days of recovery. Every soul lost is remembered but the they must look to the future, and those who will need their swords in the conflicts to come.

The Knights of Solace need new members. They need swords to defend the people.

They offer a rich career, and there is no requirement of being Godsworn (unless you decide to pursue a full-time position and advancement/knighting). Travel the world and see the glorious width and breadth of Arx. Work with some of the most noble organizations in Arx, from the Society of Explorers to the Scholars to other Knights Orders as well as /all/ the Great Houses. Protect the defenseless, win glory for yourself and the Faith, and in Gild's name, carry the light of civilization to lives touched by too much fear and danger!

Ours is an ancient tradition of kindness, protection, and courage against the darkness. Be part of that tradition.

OOC Minutae:

The Knights of Solace is a martial discipleship pledged to Gild. They can claim one of the great heroes of the Reckoning, Lilah Shay (also known as Silver), as their progenitor, and are lauded far and wide for their defense of Arvum's roads and pilgrims. They work closely with the Mercies of Lagoma, have an active @org head who is ready and able to help new and existing characters fit themselves into the @org, and are in dire need of exactly what the ad says: those who are capable and willing of picking up a sword to show the forces of darkness what's what!

Godsworn vows are not a requirement but prospective members should have a weapon skill of reasonable level, at least ride 1 (eventually), theology 1 (can work towards this in-game!), no conflicting obligations (although overlap is fine, multi-discipleships within the Faith can be tricky), no ongoing criminal problems or litigation, and a desire to protect the people of Arx. Everything else is negotiable! If interested, contact Armel by @mail, page, or messenger!

And on a side note, thank you to Gisele for helping to write this.