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Reclaiming the Land

Posted by Khanne on 05/21/17
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"We Stand."

We all know there is a lot to do in and around the city to recover
from the siege. Brand and his silent army were not victorious, but
they did leave wounds behind, wounds that we will heal. One of these
gaping wounds is in the land outside of our walls. The area of the
Gray Forest that Brand and his army marched through is all but
obliterated, dead. Brand seemed to suck the life right out of all
the ground and all that grew there. We've seen things like this before,
but not such a vast area as this. These lands are essential to our well
being, the Compact, and Arx itself. We had hoped to expand our crops...
to see the forest beyond thrive. We will not give up this hope. We will
be working to help heal the land using physical labor and spiritual means.

The Paladin of Groves, Leola Allenatore, explored the lands herself
and discovered just how dire a situation we are dealing with. She will
be spearheading the campaign to reclaim the lands - another way for us
to be victorious. I am asking everyone who is able and willing to help.
Many hands are needed to till the soil, to plant new flora. Many minds
are needed to think of other ways in which we can try to heal the lands.
Many spiritual voices are needed to offer blessings, or to pray, or aid
in whatever way your spirituality calls for. If you are interested in
helping, please seek out one of the following: Leola Allenatore, Mercy
Cybele Walker Inbetween, Valery the apothecary of Redrain, or myself.
Thank you in advance, and remember, together, we stand.

Khanne Halfshav, The Crown's Minister of Agriculture