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Official Drinking League and Champion

Posted by Kieran on 03/19/17
Citizens of the Compact,

Apologies for the delays in making this announcement, but with the recent events it's amazing how time gets away from you. Anyways, I am announcing the rules for a new "Drinking League" that will hopefully enliven morale and provide entertainment to the people of the city. Many months ago, a festival was held in the Lower Boroughs, which included a drinking contest. The winner of that contest, Prince Tristram Valardin, received a very fabulous trophy, which came with some rules that I am announcing now.

The holder of the drinking trophy must make themselves known to the Master of Revels to the Crown, so that they can be properly announced to the Compact. Whoever so holds the trophy is considered to be the indisputable Drinking Champion of Arvum, and therefore must accept any and all challenges to this title, using the official rules of drinking contests for the compact.

An individual may challenge the holder of the trophy only once every four months. The champion has six weeks (3 RL weeks) to schedule a time and place for the drinking contest. The champion may include as many challengers as they please into one drinking contest. Should the Champion refuse a challenge or fail to schedule a drinking contest, the trophy is to be turned over to the Master of Revels to the Crown so that it can be awarded at some official drinking contest. Should the Champion leave the city for a length of time that keeps them from receiving challenges (they are removed from the active roster) they shall return the trophy to the Master of Revels to the Crown. The champion and the challenger(s) may use whatever rules they see fit in their contest, as long as all parties agree to those rules beforehand. If no agreement can be made, they will use the following rules:

Each round the parties will drink a glass of the house liquor of the locale they are drinking at, and, once the drink has been consumed, the glass will be turned upside down and placed on top of the stack of other glasses that they have already consumed. If a contestant vomits, passes out, or causes their tower of glasses to fall, they are eliminated. This continues until all but one contestant premains, who then receives the trophy and the title, and must report the victory to the Master of Revels to the Crown in order to be announced.
(Each round check stamina + survival and dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 13 + double the round number. Round 1 would be difficulty 15, Round 2 would be difficulty 17, Round 3 would be difficulty 19, so on and so forth.)

As I said earlier, Prince Tristram Valardin is the current indisputable Drinking Champion of all of Arvum, so everyone pester him with challenges.