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A Ward and Widow No Longer

Posted by Niccolo on 02/26/17
I've known Sir Talen Artiglio, Talen, since he was born. His father served my wife and I loyally and when he passed, we decided to take Talen as our ward. We raised him alongside our children, alongside our nephews and nieces. He became like a son to me, like a brother to my daughters. Actually, this isn't true.

He is a son to me. He was a brother to Esera and is a brother to Isolde. He might not be our blood, but he has proved time and time again his willingness to spill his, for our family. For my family. He is my son.

On this day, I name him my son proper as I officially adopt him. From today on, Talen will join House Velenosa as one of its own, and will be known as Talen Velenosa ne Artiglio and will continue to serve as Sword of Lenosia. Of his House.

And a sword requires a firm Hand to go with it. Prince Eleyna Velenosa has stood by me during very difficult times. She has been a source of strength and assisted Princess Isolde and me in whatever we have needed her to. It has not escaped me, that the princess and my son have grown close, nor the fact that they simply make each other better.

So today I also announce the betrothal between Prince Talen Velenosa born Artiglio, Sword of Lenosia and Princess Eleyna Velenosa, Hand of Lenosia. Their union will bring strength and prosperity to our House. May the gods guide them, in this journey they embark upon together.

Archduke Niccolo Velenosa, Grand Duke of House Velenosa