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Lycene Succession and Stability

Posted by Niccolo on 02/26/17
The Lyceum wants stability, and it is clear that my people have certain expectations on how to achieve it. Not only do I also wish for stability and unity in the Lyceum, but I want to make it clear that I have listened, and the expectations of my people have not gone unheard.

On the matter of the line of succession, I've written a Will to be executed upon my death or if I ever abdicate the throne. This document contains a detailed order of inheritance that is to be followed at the time of either of those events. A copy of this document will be sent to the Scribes of Vellichor, to be viewable by all, as well as the duchies of the Lyceum to ensure it cannot be forged.

As far as the selection of my Voice, I've decided that the best way to help bring unity to the Lyceum is to appoint not one Voice, but many. Therefore, I name Princess Isolde Velenosa as Voice of Lenosia, Duke Valkieri Rubino as Voice of Gemecitta, Duchess Belladonna Pravus as Voice of Setarco, Duchess Calista Fidante as Voice of Tor and Duke Hadrian Malvici as Voice of Southport. They will all serve as my Voices, a Chorus of Voices if you will. They will counsel me when I require it of them, and speak for me when I ask them to. This ensures that every corner of the Lyceum gets a chance to speak for its Great Duke.

Archduke Niccolo Velenosa, Grand Duke of the Lyceum