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Saving Grace Quarantine

Posted by Benjamin on 02/23/17

In Regards to the Quarantine of the Saving Grace Hospital:

    Quarantine is a frightening word, but it is a step of caution to ensure the safety of the citizens of Arx. When we encounter something in medicine that we can not gaurantee is safely contained, a quarantine is common practice. We had such an exposure at the Saving Grace Hospital, and have closed our doors until such time that we are certain is safe once again.

    It is less common for the Inquisition to become involved, but with one of their own present at the time of exposure, their investment is acknowledged and their aid in containing the possible threat is welcomed.

    I put to the people, do not panic. Practice good health. Visit our annex clinics or the Mercies, or reach out for house calls if you are in need. We hope to have the building cleansed and our staff cleared for work again in the very near future.

Benjamin Carver
Guildmaster of the Physicians
Minister of Health