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A Challenge

Posted by Sylvie on 02/21/17
The other evening, the gracious Mailys Whisper hosted an auction upon which I offered myself, with all proceeds of my winning bid going to Gild. Mirari Corsetina won that bid at 17,500, which was a very charitable and flattering amount. Except that Count Darkwater saw fit to not only enlist Larissa Whisper into an auction she wasn't previously intending to participate in, but also set her starting bid at 20,000 immediately following my own auction.

Thus, I have issued a challenge, to resolve such a silly thing as a duchess's pride. I would say that I would hope it could quickly resolve this slight between us, so that the count and I could return to being friends, but apparently the man thinks such challenges are a reason to think less of the one issuing them.

I will be hiring from the Champion's Guild, of course, and I will leave it to them to arrange the particulars over such a duel.