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These are our terms

Posted by Talen on 02/20/17
The time honoured tradition of throwing down the gauntlet and taking up arms-- or asking a champion to do so on ones behalf-- is common practice, especially within the southern provinces. Invoking that right with the sheer audacity of someone who has not first sought all the facts or been explicitly called upon, however, is to make a mockery of the very same custom.

Such challenges should not be made frivolously, nor should the good word of a high lord of the realm be dismissed without even ever hearing it be uttered. I recognise the apology now made by Princess Reese of House Grayson but before Gloria we will cross blades to settle the matter once and for all, so that it may not fester further in these our dark times.

Since her highness has already demonstrated a lack of regard for House Velenosa's time of mourning, I demand she fight before the royal estate so she may look upon our grim banners. In acknowledgement of her service in the upcoming struggle against the Silence, we will duel only to first blood, wielding and wearing nothing surpassing hiqh quality steel or leather equipment.

What we will not do, is wait. This will be settled promptly, three days from now.

These are our terms.