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Dueling and Succession

Posted by Edain on 02/14/17
There is much that we need to come together and focus on, but this is also a time where chaos is growing, and so giving some recent events I want to make certain it is clear how the Oathlands feel about dueling.

Dueling is an ancient and sacred practice to defend and sometimes restore one's honor. It is a physical way we uphold our spiritual center and the honor and gallantry that guides us. It is not a means by which you clan claim lands, or title, or holdings. A liege's right to declare their own heirs and decide the succession of their family line, their lands and their holdings are nothing less than sacrosanct. No duel where you demand such things is truly about your honor, and so there is no dishonor in refusing such.

Now, if a liege wishes for his heirs to duel for inheritance, that is their right. If they would actually wish to accept such a duel to prove their strength, while I might consider that disrespectful to one's family line, that is their right as well. I will not tell another liege how they must determine succession. There is no matter of honor that would demand they accept such a duel, and they are well within their rights to find you guilty of sedition for issuing such a challenge.

Let it be known that this is the law of the Oathlands.

Edain Valardin
Prince of Sanctum