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Fawkuhl Surrendered to the Iron Guard

Posted by Edain on 02/07/17
The Convocation of the Faith has surrendered Brother Fawkuhl into the custody of the Iron Guard and he has been transported to where he shall await trial for his role in the Death of Grand Duchess Esera Velenosa, Highlord of the Lycene City-states. He will be given a fair trial with full representation which will be observed by the Archlector of the Sentinel. May justice be done in the eyes of the Gods and before the peers of the Compact.

I would like to thank all that stood the Vigil outside the Rectory. You stood in honor and in peace. You stood for Justice. Most importantly you stood together. Now it is time to return to our homes, be with our families and prepare to stand together once again. Together we will show the enemies that would align against us that we shall never be silenced.

For the Compact

Edain Valardin
Prince of Sanctum