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Velenosa Leadership

Posted by Isolde on 01/30/17
I, Princess Isolde Velenosa, do so proclaim:

My sister is dead.
My sister was murdered.
In my eyes, in my heart, the Velenosa are at war.

There is only one man capable of leading this house through a time of war. Luckily for Velenosa, and for the Compact as a whole, he is also the only man capable of leading Velenosa in times of crisis, and times of peace. Whatever times he decides we are in, I follow him.

My sister is dead.
I follow my father, Duke Niccolo Velenosa, to lead us through our grief, our battles, our times of peace and prosperity. May he lead us with all the grace and passion I struggle to find within myself.

None may harm us unpunished. And so it is. By the Thirteenth, and so it shall be.
May the Thirteen Gods of the Pantheon bless this Compact.