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On Tyde and Margot

Posted by Victus on 01/30/17
On Tyde

House Tyde was stripped of its lands and its titles for crimes of treason and rebellion. Like most Thrax men of my generation, I fought in that civil war. I bled and I saw other bleed. It was where I made my name.

Before those events, House Tyde was our stalwart defender and loyal vassal. In memory of that Tyde, let the House rise again on my authority. What was taken by one High Lord may be given back by another. I choose to do so.

Lady Margot Tyde will be Duchess Margot of House Tyde. To secure our ties, she will marry Prince Dagon Thrax.

For now she may use the title Duchess. Direct control over the Tydelands currently managed by House Thrax will be transfered at their time of marriage.

Victus Thrax,
Highlord of Thrax