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The Physicians Guild

Posted by Benjamin on 01/25/17


To all,

    The Physicians Guild is formed and standing, and has funded the renovations of my humble hospice into a full hospital. The Saving Grace Hospital is open for all your ailments, and is the new home of the offices of the Guild. As we move forward the Physicians Guild will work for the health and well being of all citizens of Arx and beyond, and provide our skills and expertise to the study of anything which might impact public health.

    To any who have dedicated their life to medicine, who would like to stand among our learned number, please reach out to myself, or the Assistant Guildmasters, Princess Sophie Valardin and Lady Eirene Malvici. To anyone who might have any questions at all, send word. I will be happy to meet with you.

Guildmaster Benjamin Carver
Deputy Minister of Health