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The Mourning Period for Countessa Nekarris Darkwater

Posted by Max on 01/19/17
The Mourning Period for Countessa Nekarris Darkwater=

Let it be known at this time, that the period of Mourning for Countessa Nekarris Darkwater has come to an end. We regret that due to actions beyond her control, her sacrifice did not arm our soldiers and gird our men as she intended, but we take comfort from her intentions. Within the next few weeks a proper memorial will be held for the Countessa.

I have reviewed 10 cases of Thralldom and I have assumed their debts and forgiven them, in her memory and honor. This act of review has brought me to a decision. To solidify Nekarris Darkwater's legacy, to honor her properly and to ensure that she is never forgotten, I hear by decree that within the County of Darkwater, the debts of a parent may not be passed unto a child. No matter how much debt remains on a thralls sentence at the time of their death, no child shall be forced into service for a crime they did not commit.

Any man of Darkwater who wishes to voice objection to this policy may greet the high tide as my guest.

By my hand,
Maximilian Darkwater
Count of the Watch