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Redrain Punishment of Prince Anze Redrain

Posted by Darren on 01/18/17
For his disobedience against his High Lord, I levy the following punishments against Prince Anze Redrain.

First, to prove that he understands respect, Prince Anze will issue a public apology.

Secondly, to prove that he is humble, he has presented his swords to me. He will be relieved of his room in the Redrain Villa as well as his monthly stipend. He will wield no weapon, except under express order from myself or while in defense of his House or himself.

Finally, to prove that he can show humility and make an effort in good faith, Prince Anze will seek out and submit himself to learning of the significance - both religiously and culturally - of guest right. He will submit himself to both the Shamans of the North and the Archlector of Gild for no less than one year's time. This donation of time and attention will be spent undergoing studies and tasks suitable to teach him of guest right. He will refuse no task passed down to him. He is to become a Champion of Guest Right for the North, and will be expected to pass down his teachings to others.

Though I have been excommunicated by the Faith of the Pantheon, it is my sincerest hope that the Archlector of Gild will agree to teach Prince Anze and help show him the error of his ways.

Should Prince Anze refuse to perform these tasks, or at any point further show himself unable to perform in a manner expected of his station in life, he will be stripped of his title and name and removed from my House.

By my hand,
Prince Darren, Highlord of Redrain