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A Message to the Commons

Posted by Aurelian on 01/18/17
(OOC: The following message is spoken to groups of commons throughout most of Arx by Prince Aurelian personally, an obvious attempt to try and calm the populous and promote reason over fear.)
To the Commons of Arx and the Compact, I understand this is a time of concern, troubles, and likely fear. That said, we should not let our fear or those who play upon it govern our actions. Dominus Farkuhl has excommunicated all of te Great Houses save for my own, House Valardin. I now speak to you on this matter as a prince of Valardin, as a Disciple of the Faith, and as a Scholar of Vellichor.

Dominus Farkuhl has shown himself to be nothing more than an ambitious man who seeks power he has neither earned nor has a right to. His excommunication of most of the Great Houses is his attempt to remove all other claims to power and undermine the system used to determine the next king or queen of the realm. I am a servant of the realm first and foremost, and as a member of the Faith I can say that House Redrain and others who practice the ways of Shamanism are not evil nor profane by nature. House Redrain and their vassals are no exception. One of my own cousins by marriage Prince Marian Valardin and House Greenmarch who is a vassal to my own House is loyal to the Compact and practice no forbidden rites.

Those who voted in favor of paying to Tiend have their own reasons for doing sao, and they will face judgement for it by the Sentinel in time as we all do for the choices we make. That said they acting in the way they felt best for dealing with the threats we face, no different from when Princess Dawn volunteered to be a sacrifice herself. She returned where others did not, yet she was praised as a heroine for her sacrifice for the good of us all, yet those others who voted in favor as well are being criticised. This is simple hypocracy, and it is fueled by one man who seeks to rise above his station and claim rights he has no rights to.
He says he is best suited to rule, this is not his choice under the laws of the realm. Those who hold to the law and the civilization we are part of should follow those laws. Even IF the excommunications were valid that means the Assembly of Peers collective decides on who the next heir or regent should be, as they have done already. Dominus Farkuhl has excommunicated the members of the Assembly of Peers of every House save one, as such the Head of House Valardin and House Valardin's Voice would be the ones to rightfully and legally proclaim the new regent or heir. My cousin Prince Edain Valardin has already gave his word, and that of the Regent Council on this matter. Dominus Farkuhl holds no authority in this matter, and this is even from the very man Dominus Farkuhl praised so highly, therefore it is a man even the Dominus respected and felt should be listened to.

With all of this said there are many in the Faith who still serve the realm and its people. My cousin Princess Sophie Valardin, Mercy of Legoma. Archscholar Aldwin, who speaks for Vellichor, and many others. These are the ones who should be listened to now, not a fool who desperately tries to take advantage of fear to elevate himself to heights he doesn't deserve. So I speak to you all now, myself, in person. I, Prince Aurelian Valardin, Disciple of the Faith and a Senuor Scholar of Vellichor say to all of you this. Remain calm, this is a time of turmoil, chaos, and fear, but we must not allow fear to rule us. We will come through this as we always have, together. Disregard the claims of a power-grabbing fool that even others of the Faith have spoken against and take heart in your rightful rulers and allow them the time and loyalty they need to bring an end to this time of trouble. All of us are working to return peace to the realm, so take heart and lend us your aid.
(OOC: tldr: Aurelian makes pleas to gatherings of commoners to try ad calm them down, get them to forget about the excommunications and continue to serve the rightful government, ignoring a "power-grabbing fool".)