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Excommunication from the Faith

Posted by Fawkuhl on 01/17/17
To all the Faithful, it is with a heavy heart I come to you with the gravest of news. For weeks, I have been fasting and praying to the Pantheon for wisdom, in the hopes they would show me the proper path to deal with the crises before us. Our sweetest of monarchs, King Alaric IV has been laid low by the touch of barbaric pagans we are all told, these 'Nox'alfar', and we invite their envoys among us. Thousands of commoners, so many voices, have written to me, constantly asking me why this has come to pass. Why have the leaders blessed by the gods to lead us and guard us seen fit to turn from our holiest of vows, our most sacred of laws, and sent men and women off to die in foul and unholy rites? Time and again, I begged and pleaded with each of the highlords, with those entrusted to lead us, to turn away from these evil choices. To embrace the wisdom of the gods. To guard our laws.

To all my children of the Faith, my pleas fell on deaf ears, and only the holy son of the Oathlands, our Prince of Sanctum, Prince Edain heard them. He voted to reject the choice with the righteousness one expects from the Oathlands and House Valardin, but what of the others? How could our valiant leaders become so corrupt? How could they turn to something as foul as shav rites of human sacrifice? In sorrow, I heard the most shocking of suggestions from the commons. I was forced to answer the many, many men and women asking me if they are obligated to keep vows of fealty to those who break the Laws of Limerance themselves. My friends, it shocks us all to the core, but I am forced to answer the truth- no, no none of us are obligated to keep oaths to oathbreakers. We can only do what is right, and pray for those who have turned from the Faith to embrace it once more, even as we pray for their souls.

But, my friends, they are not yet there. So with a sad, heavy heart, I am forced to announce the excommunication of Princess Lark Grayson, Archduchess Esera Velenosa, Prince Donrai Thrax, the Lady Dawn, and the voices that supported them. And while I realize Prince Darren refused to vote, we can only agree with the many commoners who say his northern blasphemy clouded him to the righteous path, and must announce he and his voice are likewise excommunicated until they repent their sins.

Perhaps I am myself to blame, my friends. Perhaps we have been too gentle, too understanding, and let others speak of folly such as magic and the supernatural, and turned a blind eye to shamans with their creeping pagan beliefs. We have a house sworn to House Telmar who refuse to renounce their wanton ways, and even now, can we be sure the Oathlands will not become infected? We are forced to conclude no, and that the regency is illegitimate.

I have prayed to the gods to spare me that mantle. When I first received the suggestion by the thousands of commoners saying, 'Yes! The Faith must lead!' I prayed and begged the gods to turn that mantle away from me. But now, my friends, I am forced to face the possibility there may be no other choice, and if the regents accept that their sins make their leadership impossible, I will be forced to accept.

Most Holy Dominus Fawkuhl, Dominus of the Faith, Voice of the Pantheon, Closest to the Gods