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What's In A Name?

Posted by Samantha on 01/10/17

People of Arvum,

It has come to my attention, since the declarations made concerning my identity, that people are uncertain as to how to refer to or address me. Prior to her abdication, then-Regent-now-Princess Dawn declared me Ivy Deepwood, Marquessa of Old Oak, and for formal correspondence, reference, and address, that is the name I will go by.

With this in mind, I have most of the almost twenty-three years of my life answering to the name "Samantha" and it is not so easily dismissed. Also, I wish to honor the girl whose life I have lived on her behalf. As such, those who I call my most familiar and intimate of friends and family are welcome to continue to address me as Samantha or other such variants in affectionate terms.

By my hand,
Marquessa Ivy Deepwood of Old Oak