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Traiters, forgeries and devolution

Posted by Rook on 01/08/17
By proclamation of Lord Rook of House Grayward, Minister of the Treasury on the 8/9/1005 AR:

In light of the judgements against the traitors Ralston and Everard, it is the decision of this office that their accounts are to be seized and emptied. The full sums therein are to be returned to the Crown for redistribution amongst the governing bodies that act in his majesty, King Alaric IV's name.

Furthermore, it has come to the attention of this ministry that there has been an uptick in the quantity of counterfeit goods of late. Inaccurate taxation, disgruntled customers and blatant disregard for honest trade will not be tolerated. Citizens of the realm are encouraged to report any suspicious items to this office. Efforts will be made in conjunction with the Iron Guard and the Crafter's Guild to minimise forgeries flooding the market and see punishment exacted on those responsible.

Lastly, amendments will be made to the Crown's allocation of funds for subsidiary and partner organisations that have the support of the throne. Further devolution will be underway in the coming days to see the appropriate powers delegated to the heads of the respective factions. Funds transferred from the treasury will be the responsibility of their leaders for all expenditures including personnel, premises and equipment.

So let it be written, so let it be done.