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Iron Guard Recruiting

Posted by Silas on 01/07/17
    In his traitorous wake, the disgraced Lord Commander before me left the Iron Guard in utter disarray to clean up the bodies of their fallen brothers. Let this be an official declaration that the Iron Guard is recruiting and in need of help than ever, as we attempt to keep hold of peace within the city in the dark days sure to come.

    Any brave soul interested in joining the Iron Guard is encouraged to send me a messenger or meet me at the barracks for an interview. It will be conducted by me personally or by one of my Officers. The skills necessary to join the Guard are as follows:

    Proficiency in at least one weapon (small, medium, or huge wpn 1)
    Ability to do basic arithmetic
    Basic comprehension of the law (law 1 preferred but this can be assumed and learned later)
    Horse-riding skills desired but not required (ride 1)
    Training in hand-to-hand combat desired but not required (brawl 1)
    City knowledge desired but not required (streetwise 1)

    Should you need to learn any of the required skills, training can be provided to you.

    The Gods be with you.

Sir Silas Mercier
Lord Commander of the Iron Guard