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Works of the Faith

Posted by Orazio on 01/03/17
Those who pay attention to such things will notice members of the Faith - chiefly, priests and disciples of Gild and the honorable Knights of Solace - being very busy bees. For one, the 'Tragedy' in the Lower Burroughs seems to finally be receiving some desperately needed repairs and improvements, as well as being restocked with new donations. It continues to take in the destitute and orphaned throughout construction, and there are polite but well-armed Knights of Solace watching over the building supplies (aided, oddly enough, by mercenaries).

Second, throughout the Crownlands, new structures are being constructed along major thoroughfares. These, questioners are told, will be hospices under the auspices of Gild, holy shelters for pilgrims, messengers of the Crown, and destitute travelers. They will be staffed by young Knights of Solace who require seasoning. However, building them will take quite some time, for the plans seem to indicate remarkably /sturdy/ and /defensive/ structures for simple hospices. In the meanwhile, however, there are tents pitched on those sites for the laborers and any travelers wishing to avail themselves of the close presence of the Church.