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New Ministers and Councillors

Posted by Dawn on 12/09/16
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"We Stand."

On this 4th day of the 5th month in the 1005th year after
the Reckoning,

It is the will of the Crown that new Ministers be appointed
to serve the needs of the Compact.

To the Office of Agriculture, Lady Niamh Greenmarch.
To the Office of Defense, Marquis Vincere Igniseri

They join the Minister of Loyalty, Duke Leo Fidante; the
Minister of the Treasury, Lord Rook Grayward; the Minister
of Infrastructure, Princess Jaenelle Velenosa.

The appointment of the Minister of Civil Development will be
announced soon.

In addition to these Ministers, joining the members of the
advisory council are:

* Lady General Calypso Malvici
* Baron Eos Saik
* Princess Alis Valardin
* Lord Valkieri Rubino

By the hand of the Regent,
With respect,
Lady Regent Dawn
Regent of the Sleeping King
Defender of the Compact