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Grayson Co-Voice

Posted by Dawn on 12/06/16
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"We Stand."

By the hand of the Regent, on this 23rd day of the 4th month in
the 1005th year After the Reckoning,

As acting High Lord of the Great House of Grayson, it falls to
me to appoint Voices for our House. With the departure of Prince
Augustus Grayson, Lady Cara Ashford is named to the seat he held
upon the High Council, to work with Princess Lou Grayson as the
Co-Voice of Grayson.

Those who have business with the Griffin may direct all inquiries
and communications to both Princess Lou and Lady Cara.

With respect,
Lady Regent Dawn
Regent of the the Sleeping King
Defender of the Compact
Acting High Lord of House Grayson