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Ministers of Loyalty & Upkeep

Posted by Dawn on 12/01/16
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"We Stand."

By the hand of the Regent, on this 8th day of the 4th month in
the 1005th year After the Reckoning,

It is the will of the Crown that new Ministers be appointed to
serve the needs of the Compact.

To the Office of Loyalty, Duke Leo Fidante.
To the Office of Upkeep, Princess Jaenelle Velenosa.

The Offices of Population and Warfare have received a number
of applications. Applicants will be contacted soon to arrange
interviews for the position. The Office of Farming is still in
need of a Minister with the necessary skill and ability
to supervise this area.

Interested parties may submit their qualifications directly
to the Regent.

With respect,
Lady Regent Dawn
Regent of the Sleeping King
Defender of the Compact