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The Coming Weeks

Posted by Dawn on 11/15/16
People of Arx and Arvum,

When I was elected to Regent, I knew that the responsibility would be daunting. I am humbled by the faith that has been placed with me and I am determined to live up to the needs of the Compact in these dark times. I will do my best by you.

What this requires is a great deal of work. The duties of the Crown has laid stagnant for too long. I will need assistance.

In the coming months, I will be reorganizing the palace and appointing new ministers to oversee various offices. These ministers will report directly to the Crown and must be committed to matching my own standards of service to the Compact while performing their duties. More details will be released when I better know which areas must be immediately served.

I will also be forming an advisory council of diverse voices drawn from both the nobility and the commons, from Pantheon and pillar organizations within Arx. His Majesty set a precedent in this by shifting his open court from throne room to the plaza; I intend to take this one step further. I will hear counsel from a broad range of people to better guide the judgment and direction of the Crown, and so ensure that it serves the interests of all. A proclamation will be made when its initial membership is finalized.

Finally, to ensure that Grayson continues to enjoy strong leadership as I focus elsewhere, I name as its Voices Prince Augustus Grayson and Princess Lou Grayson. When they speak on matters concerning this Great House, they do so with my voice and that of his Majesty, King Alaric IV.

With respect,
Lady Regent Dawn of Grayson