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Voice of House Grayson

Posted by Liara on 05/06/21
In light of his dedicated service to the House and proven ability to lead, I name Prince Aindre Grayson as a Voice of House Grayson. We trust that he will continue to acquit himself splendidly.

None greater than Grayson.

Princess Liara Grayson
Princess of Bastion
High Lady of the Crownlands

--- Thrax Stance via Alarissa ---
A wise choice, Thrax celebrates this elevation in trust of Prince Aindre and looks forward to working with him in the future.

--- Seliki Stance via Kalani ---
messenger/draft Aindre=Seliki extends our congratulations to Prince Aindre and notes the prince can, as easily, be considered a voice of reason and diplomacy. We look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

--- Ravenseye Stance via Aella ---
House Ravenseye commends High Lady Liara for her choice and congratulates Prince Aindre for this honor.

--- Farshaw Stance via Alban ---
House Farshaw congratulates Prince Aindre on his elevation, and Princess Liara on her wisdom in choosing such an able Voice.