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Archlector Felix, Voice of Mangata

Posted by Aureth on 04/30/21
As our sailors and soldiers sally forth to face the conflict in the Saffron, the Faith looks to our future and our present here at home, and announces the following promotion.

We commend Sister Madeleine for her years of long service in the post, and look forward to her work with Solace in the Lower Boroughs until such time as her direction takes her elsewhere.

Brother Felix is elevated to the post of Archlector of Mangata and shall serve in that post as soon as his other obligations are resolved. May the grace of sky and sea accompany his clear eyes and new leadership.

--- Thrax Stance via Alarissa ---
House Thrax supports and applauds the elevation of Brother Felix to Blessed Felix. We shall donate funds to the faith in celebration.

--- Laurent Stance via Mabelle ---
House Laurent welcomes such happy news and celebrates the elevation of Brother Felix who has long served as an ear to those in need of direction. May he find joy and accomplishment in his new path.

--- Blackshore Stance via Romulius ---
House Blackshore lauds the appointment of Blessed Felix to serve as the Voice of the goddess of sea and sky. We are confident he will lead her worship with the grace and dignity that he as always demonstrated.

--- Mirrormask Stance via Giada ---
Long deserved. Congratulations, Blessed Felix.

--- Scholars Stance via Aelgar ---
The Scholars of Vellichor warmly congratulate Archlector Felix and look forward to working with him for the ongoing betterment of the Faith and the Compact. Our confidence and our support are gladly pledged.

--- Wyvernheart Stance via Kiera ---
House Wyvernheart congratulates archlector felix on his appointment as voice Mangata

--- Whisper Stance via Anisha ---
House Whisper is pleased to see Blessed Felix's devotion and service so recognised. Well deserved.

--- Ravenseye Stance via Aella ---
House Ravenseye congratulates Blessed Felix for this most deserved appointment. Few could be a better guide for the worship of the goddess of life, sea, sky, and drink.