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To my people

Posted by Jaenelle on 04/30/21
The Compact calls once more and once more, like all the times before, the Lyceum stands ready to fight. We stand ready to defend the values which make up the foundation the Compact was built upon and the bones of which have strengthened over time to become what we are now.

To my people: fight. The enemy we face will not back down, they will not retreat, and they will never stop unless they are stopped. They will never change their hearts and minds favorably to all the things we hold dear. Fight because the very Compact is at stake.

This will not be an easy victory, but we are Lycene after all. We fight smarter, not easier and they have no idea what they've woken.

No one may harm us unpunished.

Archduchess Jaenelle Velenosa
Grand Duchess of the Lyceum